Benefits of Quality Documentation

Effective technical communication conveys complex information to specific audiences clearly, concisely, and accurately. Yes, producing high quality documentation can be expensive, but the cost of poor documentation can be much higher in terms of lost credibility; customer dissatisfaction; errors, damage to equipment, and personal injury; non-compliance, and other factors.

Quality in External Communications

Building quality into your external (customer-facing) communications is essential, because it:

  • Allows customers to use your products and services more effectively
  • Reduces the risk of personal injury and damage to equipment
  • Reduces product returns and calls to the helpdesk
  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Impresses upon your customers your commitment to high quality standards

Quality in Internal Communications

The quality of internal documents is also critical because these communications profoundly affect the inner workings of the organization and often serve as source content for external documents. Proper attention to internal documentation can save organizations time, money, and stress by:

  • Informing employees of the organization's mission, goals, policies, procedures, expectations, and other critical information needed for optimal performance
  • Keeping management apprised of project status, issues, and solutions
  • Promoting smooth project workflow and reducing risk by clarifying project goals, objectives, and responsibilities; establishing a clear plan and realistic schedule and resources; recording approvals; communicating requirements, specifications, and design elements; tracking progress; and evaluating the result
  • Serving as an end-to-end, traceable, auditable record of project lifecycle activities, which can be re-used to plan and carry out similar projects in the future, and improve processes
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Reflecting the organization's commitment to quality

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