What is Document Management and Control?

Document management is a process that allows documents (digital and paper) to be created, stored, organized, retrieved, distributed, updated, versioned, and archived efficiently and appropriately.

Document control involves identifying document owners and approvers; making sure changes are tracked and proper versioning is implemented; granting document access only to those with proper authority; protecting the document from damage, destruction, or unauthorized changes; and applying any other necessary controls to comply with applicable internal and regulatory requirements.

How Well Does Your Organization Manage and Control Documents?

Documentation is a critical asset that drives daily business, in many cases being intimately linked to fundamental business processes. Yet many companies lack an organization-wide strategy to ensure that their documents effectively serve corporate objectives. For example:

  • If one of your employees took an unexpected, extended leave of absence, would you be able to locate all the essential information and documentation to re-assign responsibilities and keep that person's projects on track?
  • Are your decisions, process flows, design documents, test results, and other project history artifacts clearly documented and logically stored before (planning phase), during, and after a project effort, so that they are traceable and re-usable for future projects?
  • If you were audited tomorrow, would you be able to locate the current versions of all documents needed to demonstrate compliance with internal policies and procedures and external regulations?

If your answer to any of these questions is "no," then your document management and control is probably inadequate.

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